Healthy Hibernation in New Berlin WI


Healthy Hibernation in New Berlin WI

Do you feel tired or exhausted when the seasons change? Do you wonder why we get sick when it gets cold in New Berlin WI? Would you like to know what you can do about it?

When the seasons change, the normal physiologic processes of our body change with it. It is no surprise to health professionals why so many get sick in the winter. There are many factors that influence our health and cold weather will impact everyone when they are not properly prepared for it. The immune system is in cruise control during the summer months. For those who are not regularly exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, the speed of our immune system's cruise control is not fast enough to keep up during the winter.

Staying Healthy in New Berlin WI

Health in America is a growing concern and I feel we have lost our focus on what truly makes people healthy. Somewhere along the lines, the majority of people have begun to believe that getting healthier means going to the store for a cough suppressant, pill, or medicine that will magically make our sickness disappear. The truth is that over-the-counter remedies work to mask the symptoms leaving you with the feeling of improved health and no actual increase in your immune system.

There is no great mystery about how to get healthy and stay healthy - nor is there any shortcut. The issue we currently face in our great country is changing our focus from reacting to declining health to preventing declining health. We are a country of the most educated and highly intelligent people on earth and I challenge each and every one of us to put as much effort into preventing sickness as we do removing sickness.

I am writing this article because our practices host an event every year that focuses on how to promote health rather than reacting to the loss of it. We want a healthier America and we are starting today!

Healthy Hibernation is a night dedicated to staying active and healthy during the winter season. Our offices have received a number of incredibly generous gifts from businesses in our communities that we would like to give to you! Every 10 minutes we will be raffling off gifts of health to those in attendance. Any guests you bring will get you an additional raffle ticket per guest! Join us for a night of food, drinks and fun!

The event will be held in 2 locations, New Berlin WI and Brookfield WI on Thursday, October 26th, 2017 at 6:30pm. We would love to invite absolutely everyone - however, space is limited so please RSVP.