On-site Wellness Programs

Chiropractic New Berlin WI Employees

Wellness is an all-in sort of thing. It doesn't work when it's out of sight, out of mind - it has to be more than just a virtual initiative within your organization. If you want to transform your culture, your wellness offering has to have high visibility. That's why on-site is the answer. It lets you create change you can see by making health and wellness available to your employees on-site, right at your workplace. Which means happier employees and a healthier bottom line. Call Pure Family Chiropractic in Brookfield WI, New Berlin WI, or Williams Bay WI today to learn more about on-site chiropractic.

Why on-site? Happier Employees = Healthier Bottom Line

  • Impact healthcare trends
  • Decreased downtime
  • Better access to health resources
  • Minimal startup requirements
  • Happier employees
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • More interaction with experts

Chiropractic is Key

Experience shows having an on-site health expert is key when it comes to moving the needle for a company's culture. We will install a chiropractic practitioner on-site - on a full- or part-time basis - to be the individual responsible for coordinating your wellness program. Not only will they address common workplace issues such as repetitive strain, ergonomics, and posture, they will bring structure and insight, overseeing every aspect of your wellness offering.

Core Offering


Not only do our chiropractic practitioners keep your workforce in proper alignment, they align each of the core offerings for your company, coordinating the entire program and offering important insights. Their proactive approach to wellness leads to greater genuine engagement and stronger relationships with employees. And because they're on-site, your employees won't have to miss time away from work to visit a chiropractor on their own.


  • Chiropractic treatment and consultation
  • Nutrition education, consulting and supplementation
  • Annual Health and Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Worker's Compensation Analysis
  • Injury prevention
  • Ergonomic and postural assessment
  • Workplace stretching
  • Individual wellness consulting
  • Cold laser treatments
  • Athletic taping
  • Primary care liaison


When it comes to nutrition, we put your employees in the driver's seat, encouraging them to make positive lifestyle changes. It all begins with a baseline analysis of current nutrition behaviors, followed by sustained education in large groups and one-on-one consultations. We offer behavioral insights, recommendations, and nutritional supplements - all geared toward helping your employees achieve their individual health goals. Even on its own, proper nutrition can transform lives. When coupled with the rest of our core offering, the transformation is exponentially greater.


  • Educational programming about health and nutrition
  • Educational tools that help your leaders teach
  • Healthy cafeteria and vending analysis
  • Leadership and employee education
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Employee base analysis and trends
  • Monthly supplement purchasing plan
  • Company-wide nutrition programs


The best way to make sure your employees engage in the fitness component of our wellness offering is by removing obstacles. When you remove obstacles, you take away excuses. We offer a plan for you to bring a workout facility on-site - a feat most businesses feel is unattainable. But we make it possible, allowing your employees to exercise during lunch and before or after work. We also offer programming and engagement that will help your employees take advantage of exercise in the ways that benefit them most, preventing potential injury and making them more energetic on the job.


  • Facility/partnership assessment
  • Annual wellness challenges
  • IT web-based portal
  • Cardio, strength and conditioning programs
  • Outdoor program assessment
  • Workplace stretching
  • Manufacturing partnership
  • Community volunteerism
  • Wellness council development
  • Leadership and employee education


At the heart of our wellness offering is health education. By fostering a well-informed workforce, you empower your employees to take their health and wellness more seriously. Our curriculum supports your program through launch, then shifts focus to long-term program sustainability. All of it facilitated by your on-site chiropractic practitioner. With us, your employees will understand how healthy lifestyles not only promote a happier personal life, but increase their overall performance as well.


  • Nutrition expertise
  • On-site service assessment
  • Guest speakers
  • "Lunch and Learn" presentations
  • Quarterly presentations
  • Resources analysis
  • Communication and promotion
  • Media resource assessment
  • Web-based tracking tools
  • Full library of topics to drive results

Plan Design

A full-service offering that follows the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) model, which means we design a plan unique to your needs. All of it is data-driven, based on healthcare claim analysis and other key information. We assess the state of wellness within your organization then work with you to optimize your wellness offering to drive the greatest results.


Before any wellness program can be introduced, we need to take a close look at what's working within your organization in terms of wellness, and what can be improved. We conduct research through healthcare claim analysis and employee surveys to paint a clear picture of the state of wellness within your organization. From there, our wellness experts tailor your program by choosing the right combination of a wide variety of tools to guide your program to success.


The number one offering we deliver is the physical presence of an expert. We're talking about a chiropractic practitioner who will be there, on-site, offering unparalleled accessibility and one-on-one relationships. Our chiropractors come with a number of tools that will help your employees make the most of your wellness offerings. The bottom line: Whatever your employees may need, your on-site chiropractic practitioner will make sure they have access. Period.

Tools Include:

  • ChiroTouch software platform
  • Nutrascreen nutritional analysis program
  • Media delivery
  • Educational archives
  • Leadership training


We know change doesn't happen overnight. Which is why, when it comes right down to it, more than just a wellness offering. It's a package deal - meaning, when you bring us into your organization, you bring with it a powerful partnership and ample experience. In fact, we offer every bit as much leadership as we do wellness, giving you the tools you need to confidently lead your organization down the path of wellness. But possibly the most important thing to remember is that, being on-site, we deliver change you can see. Being on-site leads to higher participation rates. And high participation allows for change to happen organically.