Understand Your Pain

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Many people wait, hoping their pain will work itself out, but when pain occurs it is your body’s way of telling you that a problem has surfaced, much like an internal fire alarm. Covering up your pain with medication is like turning off a fire alarm and ignoring the fire burning around you. But pain is confusing – it is often the last symptom we feel when something is wrong, and it is usually the first symptom to go away. Basing your health on pain alone is never a good idea.

People try to ignore their pain every day. Don’t ignore it. We can help you live pain-free while managing the underlying cause of your health problems. Call our Brookfield WI, New Berlin WI, or Williams Bay WI offices today for help.

Acute Pain

This pain is new to the body and ranges from mild to severe. It usually comes on quickly and will dissipate with healing. Keep in mind that although the pain is new, its underlying cause may have been present for years and will not go away until you take action.

Chronic Pain

This pain is different and might be accompanied by other health problems like insomnia, exhaustion, or even weight change. It can last for years, and many look to painkillers to alleviate their symptoms; after all, no one wants to suffer through life. Painkillers may mask the result of the problem, but doesn’t it make more sense to find the cause of the pain and care for it directly?