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At Pure Family Chiropractic, we are trained and certified in nutritional counseling and we know how diet affects your health and well-being. Call our Brookfield WI, New Berlin WI, or Williams Bay WI offices today to schedule your first appointment.

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Supplying Nutrition

As chiropractors, we view nutrition as supplying your body with the building blocks it needs to maintain your health. This includes more than eating the right number of meals per day or counting carbs and calories. Proper nutrition is about eating the right foods so your body can and will be able to grow and heal.


Vitamin and mineral supplements are not medications - they are building blocks that we should be getting through our diet, but unfortunately, many of today's foods are stripped of these essential nutrients. Ask us about your diet and how you can improve it. Even the smallest changes can have huge effects on your health and quality of life.


Tell us what you eat, we'll help you live better! Within 3% accuracy of blood testing vitamin deficiencies. As a bonus, NO NEEDLES!

What makes NutraScreen Unique?

NutraScreen is a fun and simple online questionnaire that uses pictures to ask you about the foods you eat… then helps you eat smarter and focus on the small changes you can make to your current diet to reach your health, weight, and wellness goals.

NutraScreen Advantage

Since NutraScreen is online, results are available right away. You receive an easy to read summary with red-light, green-light indicators so you are prepared with an overview of what your healthcare provider will be focusing on. Your healthcare provider receives a complete Diagnostic Report and will be prepared with a personalized plan to achieve your goals at your next visit.

Overall Achievement

NutraScreen knows how to translate what you are currently eating into the nutrients your body needs to be healthy - without writing everything down! Unlike typical diets, NutraScreen helps you and your healthcare provider focus on where you are already on track and what needs attention.