Why Children Should See Chiropractors in New Berlin WI


Why Children Should See Chiropractors in New Berlin WI

Childhood is a physically challenging time for children. Learning to walk, the inevitable fall off bikes and sports injuries, children suffer continual bumps that result in unavoidable skeletal-muscular injuries. While these injuries may heal with no outward signs of damage, overtime these issues become compounded and can result in skeletal-muscular misalignment.

Adults know that chiropractic care in New Berlin WI can result in substantial improvements to their health, yet parents rarely consider taking their children to a family chiropractor. As with adults, chiropractic care for children can correct misalignments that impinge on nerves, interfering with proper nervous system function and restrict the range of motion of the joints. Also, as with adults, correcting misalignments can prevent future problems.

The earliest physical challenge a baby must deal with being forced to adopt an unnatural position in utero. Fetal positions the baby is forced to assume in the womb can cause spinal damage even before birth. During this time, the spine can become misaligned and result in a more difficult birth that in turn, can cause even more damage to the baby. Cesarean section can also cause problems.

After birth, childhood issues like allergies, colic, infections, sleep problems, and even breastfeeding issues are often the result of nervous system problems. Many developmental milestones, like holding their head up, sitting, crawling, and taking their first steps, can all be impacted by skeletal-muscular misalignment. As the child enters school, playground accidents, carrying backpacks, and sitting for extended periods, all results in additional skeletal-muscular stress.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care in New Berlin WI

A child's body goes through constant and rapid changes that require their chiropractic to be trained in special techniques. The American Chiropractic Association points out that because a child's body is growing, care and patience must be exercised to deliver adjustments at different points of contact and with less force than when treating adults. To facilitate the proper education of pediatric chiropractors, the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association offers training specifically for pediatric chiropractors.

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Children who undergo chiropractic adjustments receive numerous benefits, including improved sleep, improved attitude and behavior, and increased immune system functioning. Lack of sleep can result in increased tension and poor conduct. Misalignments that impede neurological functioning can interfere with immune system function.

The ICPA recommends that parents begin taking their children to a qualified pediatric chiropractic soon after birth. Additionally, children can even benefit from prenatal care. Pregnant women treated with the Webster Technique during gestation are found to experience reduced pain during childbirth and decreased risk of breech birth, making childbirth safer for both mother and baby. If you need a family chiropractor or a kids chiropractor in Brookfield WI, New Berlin Wi, or Williams Bay WI, please give any our offices a call. Our staff is expertly trained in pediatric chiropractic care and can provide effective and professional care for your entire family.