Schooling Every Chiropractor in New Berlin WI Must Complete to Treat Patients


Chiropractic New Berlin WI Doctor

As a patient, you naturally want the best when it comes to healthcare. And for a good reason - trusting someone with your medical concerns is a big deal! While you can always narrow down your search for a chiropractic provider based on personal recommendations and reviews, rest assured that all chiropractors in New Berlin WI go through a rigorous and demanding education before they can legally care for patients.

Chiropractors in New Berlin WI

Most people know what a chiropractor does on a basic level, but the chiropractic field encompasses a complete philosophy of care. Essentially, chiropractors focus on the nervous system and musculoskeletal issues. They believe that many health issues, including illness, disease, and injury, are caused by problems in these areas. Chiropractors also believe in a natural and holistic approach to care. They aim to manage symptoms without drugs or surgery and consider whole-body solutions when necessary, such as considering lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health.

Chiropractic Education

Chiropractic education is demanding. The pathway to becoming a chiropractic provider begins with graduating from an accredited chiropractic college. In some states, a bachelor's degree in a related field is required for practice. In other states, students can enroll in a chiropractic program that combines an undergraduate education with a chiropractic program. This route shortens the traditional chiropractic curriculum from seven years to six years. Students ultimately graduate with dual bachelor's and doctor of chiropractic (D.C.) degrees.

Upon completing a chiropractic program, aspiring chiropractors must undergo national board tests to prove that they are qualified to see patients, much like traditional medical doctors. Chiropractors are only licensed to practice upon successfully completing an exam. Although there are national requirements for practicing, some states have their own requirements for chiropractors as well. While chiropractic training appears finite on paper, it's a profession that involves life-long learning. Chiropractors must also stay current with their practice through continuing education courses. Most chiropractors are required to complete at least 12 hours of ongoing education every year to remain licensed.

Chiropractor Capabilities

Chiropractors perform many of the same functions as regular medical doctors. They are qualified to take patient health assessments, perform physical, orthopedic, and neurological assessments, and order x-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic imaging tests. Chiropractors may use massage, acupuncture, ultrasound, and water therapy to help patients. They may also refer a patient to a specialty doctor for additional care as needed outside their scope of expertise. As with other doctors, chiropractors may choose to specialize in an area such as pediatrics, sports medicine, or neurology.

As a patient, you put significant trust in a healthcare provider. Therefore, it's essential to make sure you visit a doctor who you are comfortable with and trust. As experienced chiropractors for children and adults, we encourage you to contact us for your Brookfield WI, New Berlin WI, and Williams Bay WI chiropractic care needs today.