Prescriptions Mask Back Pain, Chiropractors in Williams Bay WI Eliminate It


Prescriptions Mask Back Pain, Chiropractors in Williams Bay WI Eliminate It

The central tenet of chiropractic care is the use of non-invasive adjustments that allow the body to heal itself naturally. A chiropractor employs various techniques that include joint manipulation, soft-tissue massage, and exercise education, and ergonomic training. Education typically includes training in the proper way to sit, walk, and even stand to reduce stress on the spine.

One thing that chiropractic care in Williams Bay WI does not use is pain medications. Understanding that all pain in the body is the result of some form of nerve damage or impingement, prescriptions only serve to mask the pain, whereas chiropractic care seeks to directly eliminate the pain by correcting the problem that is the cause of the pain.

Nerves can be pinched or damaged due to a variety of reasons, including an accident, disease, illness that results in inflammation and muscle tension. One of the most frequent causes of back pain is a herniated disc. Intervertebral discs are sandwiched between the vertebrae to act as shock absorbers. When one of these disks becomes injured, it loses its ability to absorb the shock and pain typically results.

A chiropractor focuses on the body's structure, particularly the vertebra of the spine, and the biomechanics of those structures. However, other weight-bearing joints, such as the hips and knees, can also be addressed.

When the structures of the body are in proper alignment, the body can function as nature intended, with the full range of motion and free from pain. However, daily activities can result in stresses and strains that cause the joints of the body to become misaligned, placing pressure on nerves that result in pain. However, the structures of the body have much less chance of becoming misaligned in the first place when proper techniques for moving and sitting are employed.

Types of Pain in Williams Bay WI

Pain can be categorized in three ways: acute, chronic, and intractable.

Acute pain comes on suddenly and may or may not resolve itself on its own. Chiropractors can treat acute pain, to provide immediate back pain relief.

Acute pain can become chronic pain when it continues past an expected time frame or does not respond to typical pain-management methods. Chiropractors can treat chronic pain with a variety of non-surgical techniques. Chiropractors often work with a primary care provider, pain relief specialist, and surgeon to come up with a comprehensive care plan for chronic pain.

Intractable pain is a clinical definition. Patients with intractable pain are in constant and severe pain that affects virtually every aspect of their daily life. While this type of pain can sometimes be effectively treated with chiropractic care, depending on the cause, intractable pain often requires a more aggressive approach that includes strong pain medications and surgery.

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