Increased Mobility Leads to a Happier, Healthier Life in Williams Bay WI


Increased Mobility Leads to a Happier, Healthier Life in Williams Bay WI

The human body was designed to move, not remain immobile for hours at a time. Sitting for extended periods causes joints to become misaligned and the connective tissues that support those joints to contract and stiffen up. Being able to move freely, without pain or stiffness, requires some form of an ongoing maintenance program to keep all of the joints aligned and the muscles, ligaments, and tendons flexible. Unfortunately, many people in Williams Bay WI do not take the time to keep their bodies in a state of proper alignment, causing decreased mobility and reducing their quality of life.

Loss of Mobility in Williams Bay WI

Many people complain of severe lower-back pain, often coming on suddenly from bending over or just coughing or sneezing. This is one of the main reasons that people seek out a pain relief specialist.

This type of back pain can happen to anyone at any age and is typically the result of a lack of mobility in the lower spinal joints. This lack of mobility can result from anything from an injury, an arthritic condition, or just a misalignment from poor posture while sitting.

Other areas of the body have to compensate whenever one part of the body is not performing correctly. This results in increased stress to the overworked regions that lead to inflammation and pain. Additionally, the issues with the part of the body that is not working correctly will become exacerbated over time, causing the soft tissues to tighten up and form adhesions, or stick together.

Restoring Mobility

Loss of body mobility is compared to a machine that has not been maintained. A mechanical device will rust, and parts will seize up and stop working. As the human body is also a machine, it must be exercised regularly or it will stiffen up until the slightest movements become difficult. A chiropractor can help you regain mobility by realigning the joints and loosening up the soft connective tissues.

Maintaining Mobility

To maintain mobility, once it has been reestablished, a routine designed to increase flexibility, strength, and balance must be executed regularly, at least three times a week. Specific exercises, such as yoga and resistance training, will keep the soft connective tissues strong and flexible. Notably, two of the best exercises for maintaining strength and mobility, as well as increasing balance, are walking and riding a bicycle. Regular visits to a chiropractor, especially while working to regain mobility, can be especially helpful.

It is crucial to keep in mind that a person who exercises will have better mobility in their 80s than someone in their 30s who doesn't. If you are experiencing a loss of mobility with pain or stiffness in your spine or hips, give our office call today. We are a chiropractic company with locations in Brookfield WI, New Berlin WI, and Williams Bay WI, and are pain relief specialists. Our team has years of experience in helping our patients lead a happier life by helping to restore their mobility.