Chiropractic Care in New Berlin WI: Pain Relief the Right Way


Chiropractic Care in New Berlin WI: Pain Relief the Right Way

Compared to drug therapies, that mask the symptoms of the issues causing the pain, chiropractic care in New Berlin WI is an all-natural treatment that directly addresses the root cause of the pain. All pain in the body is the result of some form of nerve damage or impingement. This can be the result of injury, accident, or a degenerative condition that places some pressure on the nerve cells.

Chiropractors are often thought of as a pain relief specialist and will frequently work together with primary care providers and even surgeons to try to help patients experiencing pain from having to undergo more extensive and invasive procedures. The goal of chiropractic care is to find the source of the pain, meaning the area of the body where nerves are being affected, and relieve the pressure. This is accomplished by gently manipulating the vertebrae in the spine, the joints of the arms and legs or soft tissues, such as the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Once the joints and soft tissues are correctly realigned, and the pressure on the nerves is relieved, the body can heal itself without the need for drugs or surgery.

While the main focus of chiropractic care is often on spinal manipulation for back pain relief, chiropractic treatment can be of benefit to patients with muscular issues, providing tissue massage to relax and realign muscles that may be placing pressure on the nerves. Chiropractors often use other techniques in addressing pain relief that can include biomechanical education in proper exercise and ergonomic methods that will help keep your body's joints and muscles in proper alignment. Training on how to sit, stand, and walk can help to limit, and sometimes eliminate, the strain on the spinal column that is typically responsible for much of the pain caused by pinched nerves.

Clinical Research in New Berlin WI

The American College of Physicians recommends spinal manipulation as an alternative to drugs to address pain. Research has demonstrated that patients who undergo chiropractic treatment and engage in regular exercise are over two times more likely to experience a noticeable reduction in pain as compared to those who only took pain medication.

Neck pain is one of the most common causes of doctor visits in the U.S. and is a problem that affects over 200 million Americans. Clinical research has shown that chiropractor care is more effective at relieving upper-spinal pain than medications. A new study published in The Annals of Internal Medicine showed chiropractic care and at-home exercises were more effective at reducing pain than were drug therapies. These studies have shown that even a year after treatment there was still a noticeable difference in pain between the chiropractic-care and drug-treatment groups.

Drug Therapy

Effectiveness aside, many drugs, even over the counter preparations, are known to have adverse, even dangerous, side effects. This can be especially true when used over the long term. For example, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs can cause stomach upset and lead to kidney problems if taken for too long. Acetaminophen is known to cause impaired liver function and pancreatitis if used in excess. Many patients have become addicted to opioid prescription medications. The danger of dependency is so high that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has declared addiction and overdose from opioid medications an epidemic.


Surgery is a very invasive procedure that often produces minimal success when used to address back and other types of pain. According to one study, 43 percent of patients who were experiencing pain and whose first visit was to a medical doctor eventually had surgery at some later time. However, only 1.5 percent of patients who saw a chiropractor first ever had surgery. Invasiveness aside, surgery is a time consuming and costly option that can often require lengthy recovery times.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is designed to get to the root of the problem causing the pain. It is an all-natural, holistic approach not just to pain management, but pain elimination. Chiropractors bring the body back into its anatomically correct position to help their patients achieve back pain relief and regain flexibility to correct the problem that is the root cause of the pain.

The ultimate goal of chiropractic care is to help the patient more effectively manage their condition. If you are experiencing pain anywhere in your body, give our Pure Family Chiropractic offices in Brookfield WI, New Berlin WI, or Williams Bay WI a call today to schedule a consultation. Our highly trained staff are pain relief specialists and have years of experience helping our patients to live a pain-free life, and we promise we will always make your health our top priority.